The difference is in the details

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Talk to LA Construction if you are having problems finding an honest builder. LA Construction has the best reputation in the Great Smoky Mountains. They also haveĀ  the experience to build you a family home like no other.

Whether you have a location in mind, already own the property, or are looking for some advice, the Dandridge Custom Home Builders TN are the only builders in East Tennessee to consider.

Dandridge Custom Home Builders for All Locations

If you own a waterfront property, it takes a special kind of custom homebuilder in Dandridge. Depending on the body of water you live on you will need to adhere to your surroundings.

Some properties require floating docks while others depend on fixed docks. Only the father and son team from LA Construction are able to determine what type of dock would be best for your waterfront property in Dandridge.

A Custom Home Builder in Dandridge

LA Construction also has the skills and connections to help you find the property of your dreams. If you have always wanted to live in Tennessee, but are currently renting a house in California, arrange a time to come out and see what the great state of Tennessee has to offer.

The Dandridge Custom Home Builders have been in the business for decades. LA Construction will find the best property for you and your family. You would be surprised how many people are moving to East Tennessee.

Great Customer Service in Dandridge

Good old-fashioned customer service is what you will find when you work with LA Construction. Everyone is available when you need them during your project.

For more information regarding custom homes in Dandridge, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with LA Construction today.