The difference is in the details

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The Dandridge custom home builders in Tennessee have been putting roofs over people’s heads for decades. Since that time, nothing has changed. The the father and son team from LA Construction make dreams happen.

Why Dandridge Custom Home Builders?

Clients explain that LA Construction listens from the beginning to the end. There will not be any shoulder shrugging when you work with the custom home builders in Tennessee.

Surveying is So Important

Some people don’t realize that part of the construction process is the survey. If you aren’t working with a construction company that has a good survey person onboard, you could be asking for trouble. People who live on the water must be extra careful.  Building a new home in a flood zone takes planning.

Dandridge Has Much to Offer

The small community of Dandridge has much to offer and is an excellent place to build a new home.

It’s a buyers and sellers market and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to land for sale in Dandridge. People are snapping up deal on acreage and turning to LA Construction to make their custom homes in Dandridge a reality.

The Custom Home Builders in Dandridge

If you have a couple of blocks of land in mind, call and talk to LA Construction. The team understands all there is about East Tennessee, and can help you make an informed decision based on what you want to build and where you want to build it. As mentioned above, it is all about the land survey.

Building the Home of Your Dreams in Dandridge

Building the home of your dreams isn’t impossible. Call and talk to LA Construction for a quote. The Dandridge Custom Home Builders are ready and waiting. Call and talk to a team member from LA Construction today.