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The Dandridge Custom Home Builders in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee have the best prices on custom homes. From beautiful cozy two bedroom cottages in Dandridge, to massive 10 bedroom estates in Knoxville, you can depend on the home builders in Dandridge from LA Construction.LA Construction for Custom Homes in Dandridge

Experience You Can Count On

Not all builders in the Dandridge area have the experience needed to build a custom home in East Tennessee. Unless the builder you are considering knows the lay of the land, you will be spending more for spec work and preparation.

LA Construction has been building home in Dandridge TN for nearly two decades. With that type of experience, your new custom home will be built to spec, on budget and on time. With the home builders from LA Construction, you will never have to worry about spending more than you bargained for.

Dandridge Custom Home Builders with Style and Flare

Because LA Construction works with the finest subcontractors in the area, there will not be any corner cutting. Some contractors will produce subpar work that is not up to code. This can put your entire timeline off.

LA Construction has awesome relationships with its sub contractors. Your roofer and plumber always arrive on time when you hire the father and son team for your new home in Dandridge.

Beautiful and Unusual Homes in Dandridge

If you have your heart set on an unusual design, talk to LA Construction. The builder in Dandridge have an eye for trends, and will build your dream home, even if you want to go green.

LA Construction has the best relationships with suppliers in East Tennessee for your new environmentally safe home. Firstly, you will get sustainable products; secondly, those products will decrease your environmental footprint.

Build the home of your dreams with LA Construction and call for a quote from the Dandridge Custom Home Builders.

You will save time and money. Call today.