The difference is in the details

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Dandridge Custom Home Contractors from LA Construction have got you covered whether you are building a new home in Dandridge, have your heart set on a new custom home in Cherokee Lake, or promised the family a massive waterfront estate on Douglas Lake. LA Construction has the experience and the expertise and can build your dream home in less time than you think. LA Construction is the only company to contact if you are building a new custom home in East Tennessee.

If you are unsure about some of the Dandridge Custom Home Contractors that you have read about, you haven’t done your research. People have lost thousands of dollars because they left everything in the hands of a not so honest contractor

Check their License-Make sure that you check out the Dandridge Custom Home Contractors that you want to hire. Ask to see their license and ask about bonding and insurance.

Permits-If the county that you live in offers inspections and permits take advantage of the service, as it is normally very reasonable. Also, having a third party look over the work. Of course, if you work with LA Construction, your permits will be taken care of.

Full Time Professionals-When you hire Dandridge Custom Home Contractors in East Tennessee, you want to make sure they are professionals as there are quite a few part timers and skilled amateurs who may offer to give you a quote. Just be aware that those unlicensed builders are just that, unlicensed, and probably uninsured.

Reviews-Read reviews and ask around. If your contractor has been in the business as long as LA Construction, you are bound to find ample information to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Hiring Dandridge Custom Home Contractors doesn’t have to be a headache, and it won’t be if you work with the father and son team from LA Construction. Call for a no obligation quote today.