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If you are considering a new custom home, look no further than then Douglas Lake Home Builders. For decades, LA Construction has helped hundreds of people just like you build the home of their dreams.

On Time and On Budget

Every home built by the father and son team from LA Construction is built to spec and on budget. Unlike other contractors in East Tennessee, you won’t have to worry about the invoice when your new home is finished.

From massive 11 bedroom country estates to cozy cabins in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee you will never be disappointed when you work with LA Construction

Beautiful from Top to Bottom

For years, LA Construction has worked with the best sub contractors and the most affordable suppliers. There are no worries when you sign up with the team of builders in East Tennessee.

If it’s a waterfront home, you are in the market for you have come to the right place. LA Construction are experts when it comes to waterfront properties and will make sure the foundation is in the best possible aspect when it comes to the water and where the sun hits during the day.

Douglas Lake Home Builders for a Quote

If it’s quality construction, you are after look no further than the home builders from Douglas Lake. Call today for a quote.