The difference is in the details

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Hamblen County Custom Home Builders are licensed, bonded, and insured, but LA Construction is. For decades, LA Construction has been building custom homes in Hamblen County. They only use licensed, bonded, and insured contractors and subcontractors. Most people have heard the horror stories about hiring a contractor that is not insured.

Why Do I Need Licensed Custom Home Builder?

The father and son team from LA Construction contract with you while managing your project. The home builders in East Tennessee, work with licensed subcontractors saving you time and money.

When you work with LA Construction, the entire project is handled much more efficiently by the custom home builders. With their network of connections, you end up being the winner.

When you hire LA Construction, you see cost savings as the custom home builders in Hamblen County take multiple bids from their subcontractors passing the discounts on to you.

LA Construction are experienced when it comes to building permits and inspections. The builders in Hamblen County know well in advance, what they need to do to meet the code requirements.

The Custom Home Builders in Hamblen County are Insured

LA Construction carries all the insurance needed and will manage the subcontractors insurance as well. That means if one of the workers should fall off a ladder, you are not responsible or liable for the accident.

The custom home builders in Hamblen County also provide contractual warranties on your home. Your new home will also require less maintenance and repairs. Custom homes built by LA Construction also hold their value offering better results when and if you decide to sell.

You’ll reap the rewards when you work with LA Construction. You’ll also save time and money when you have your home built by the best builders in East Tennessee.

For a quote on a custom home in East Tennessee, call LA Construction. The home builders are ready to go to work, and will build you the home of your dreams. Call for a quote today.