The difference is in the details

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The only Hamblin County  Home Builders to consider for your new build or remodel are LA Construction. The father and son team from LA Construction has been building and remodeling homes all over the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee for decades.Hamblin County Custom Home Builders

Why LA Construction

Because LA Construction resides in the local area, the builders in Hamblin County know the land. They understand East Tennessee, where the flood zones are and where to put your home. If you have water front property that is subject to flooding, you are going to want to have a builder who knows what he is doing.

Hamblin County  Home Builders go Green

If you have always had a dream of building a custom environmentally friendly home in Hamblin County, the only builder to trust is LA Construction.

LA Construction has the best contacts in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. When you work with the builders in Hamblin County your materials will be green.

For example, if you have your heart set on recycled logs for a cabin in Sevierville, talk to LA Construction. As a result, you will be successful with your dream and your carbon footprint.

Custom Homes that Really Are Custom

Not all custom homes in Hamblin County are built to spec. Some custom home builders will try to pass off a track home design instead. Some use plans from a previous home.

If you want custom, that is what you will get, as LA Construction works with licensed and preferred architects, who will draw up your plans according to your design. When you work with LA Construction, your home really IS custom.

If you are planning your dream home, call and talk to the Hamblin County Home Builders. LA Construction is ready to pour the foundation. Call for a quote today.