The difference is in the details

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We are celebrating 3 years in our new home built by LA Construction.  Having built on Douglas Lake, we found their knowledge of TVA regulations and policies tremendously helpful.  Their professionalism and craftsmanship during the design and construction process were superb.  We would highly recommend using LA Construction for a quality home.

Danny and Beth

From start to finish we had an excellent experience with Larry Anglea Construction! Larry and Brian included us in every detail during the full construction of our home and they were available to talk anytime we needed. They also make sure to be onsite throughout the entire home-building process, maintaining quality standards and working hands-on, as well as managing their experienced work team.  The beauty, functionality, and quality of our home are a reflection of the overall building experience of the LA Construction team.  We appreciate their business ethics, honesty, and kindness.

Dan G.

My wife and I had LA Construction build our dream home.  We could not be more happier with the way it turned out.  The quality of workmanship and the attention to detail is nothing but great.  Larry, Shirley and Brian Anglea made our building process an absolute pleasure.  They are great people to work with.  If we were going to be building a new home today we would not even consider any other contractors but LA Construction.

Phil and Karen

We were kept very much in the loop during the build process, despite living about 3 hours away.  We now have a very solid, well-built, home with many unique touches that fit our lifestyle.

Dale and Karen