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LA Construction Dandridge Custom Home Builders

LA Construction are the premiere Dandridge Custom Home Builders are ready for the task whether you are remodeling an old classic home from the 1950’s or finally building a brand new home on the vacant piece of land that you bought a decade ago. Whatever the project, Dandridge Custom Home Builders can take the worry out of an overwhelming chore.

If you have already purchased your land and your plans are ready to go, or you need help finding a good architect, or even a piece of property for your project, Dandridge Custom Home Builders is both licensed and insured in Tennessee.

Everyone changes their mind, and if you are building or remodeling, you are probably going to change it, hopefully it won’t be too different from the original blueprints, but whatever change orders are needed you will receive an updated price.

Finding a builder in another state that isn’t licensed in Tennessee can be problematic to say the least. Working Ask Dandridge Custom Home Builders about building a team for your remodel or new custom home.

Building the Team

Dandridge Custom Home Builders has built a team of subcontractors that understand the importance of working together to get the job done right.

Additional Project Personnel

If you have a design planner for your new home or remodel, talk to Dandridge Custom Home Builders about meeting before and during the project. Dandridge Custom Home Builders offer good old-fashioned customer service that is hard to find these days regardless of where you are located. Dandridge Custom Home Builders will work with your additional personnel to discuss the timeline and any other pertinent information that needs to be discussed before moving forward. Remember, building a home or remodeling a property can only happen with a good team. Your new personnel may have ideas to incorporate which will be talked about before the blueprints are finished.


If you decide to work with the team from Dandridge Custom Home Builders, you will be given updates on the residential or commercial property with a schedule that satisfies both you and your new team. A communications plan is an essential part of the building or remodeling process. Dandridge Custom Home Builders understands the importance and will make sure that the lines of communication are open.

Dandridge Custom Home Builders can take the ideas in your head and turn them into a reality.
Call 865-388-6414 or click here and schedule your Dandridge Custom Home Builders appointment with LA Construction today.